Communication solutions for defence
and security

In the area of defence and security we focus within the integration especially on complex ICT systems linked to communications technology, targeted primarily to provide current information about the security of selected areas, people and technology.

Complex ICT systems are a great benefit especially for the army, units of so-called Integrated Rescue System (state and municipal police, fire brigade of FRS, etc.) and crisis management bodies at all levels.

Mobile information and communication technology

Our goal is to help ensure adequate service levels for all relevant components of the system – such as police stations, military airports and other buildings, fire stations, etc.

In this segment, we solve the so-called mobile variants of information and communication technologies, while we are able to rovide in the onsite emergency and crisis events the following:

  • flexible placement of sensors and detectors
  • monitoring of perimeter, technologies and personnel through GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
  • connectivity with high operational reliability
  • certified and uncertified security solutions for wireless communications
  • tracking the movement of people and technology (with resolution of "own vs. other's") using RFID technology
  • May-Day systems for people in the intervention team
  • links to databases of already legally convicted and other risky people or groups
  • comprehensive connectivity with cooperating components of the IRS, with operational centers and dispatching centres of the IRS, but also with so-called "speedy trials" for a rapid resolution of violations
  • Data Backup for the analysis of needs to intervene with another use such as for training and teaching, administrative and judicial proceedings etc.
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