Electronic manufacturing services

We specialize in small to medium batches of multilayer PCBs with high density of components that require great precision in processing.

Thanks to the flexible production management we can accept jobs ranging from just a few pieces of prototypes to thousands of pieces in mass production. We follow the task from order to shipment. We use controlled technical and technological documentation and assure product conformance to the documentation stored in the management system.

PCB assembly

  • Material procurement, customer stock
  • SMD (Surface Mount Device) assembly
  • THD (Through-Hole Device) assembly
  • Component placement and the manufacturing process inspection (X-ray, AOI)
  • PCB (Printed Circuit Board) debugging and testing
  • Mounting and testing of assemblies and final products
  • Seasoning, cycling and climatic tests
  • Packaging and shipping
  • Warranty and post-warranty repairs
Head office
Třebohostická 987/5
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E-mail: info@ttc.cz
Manufacturing department
TELLUS Premises
Naskové 3
150 00 Praha 5 - Košíře

Phone: +420 234 053 304
Fax: +420 234 053 245
E-mail: vyroba@ttc.cz
Identification data

EU VAT ID No.: CZ41194403
The company is registered
in the Commercial Register of the
Municipal Court in Prague, no. C4736