About us - History

Telecommunications Research Institute, founded in 1953, since its inception engaged in the development of telecommunications equipment. Besides the development of complete systems, both exchanges and transmission equipment, the engineers had to deal with the development of components from which these systems were designed. These are namely the development of electromechanical components, relays, switches and the development of the necessary instrumentation. From a historical perspective, it is worth mentioning the development of control centers for power, PLC systems and systems for the transmission of digital signals from remote locations.

International PBX

Exchange systems from the own development was delivered to Czechoslovakia network, as well as to many other countries, especially to the Eastern bloc. Hierarchically highest ranked was the international telephone exchange MN60, which was installed in Prague, Moscow and Berlin. The sixties division also successful developed a first digital transmission system (KPK 24) which has already been fully equipped with semiconductor devices and has been constructed in another form, with 24 channels and 7-bit coding of voice channel (EU recommendations 30 channels and 8-bit coding systems were not implemented at the time).

A new era

1989 opened new possibilities and perspectives. The research institute first became a state enterprise TESLA VÚT, which was privatized and subsequently transformed into a modern manufacturing company. Followed by the development of a series of business activities, which in successive steps shaped the present TTC Holding.

Up-to-date technological solutions

TTC TELEKOMUNIKACE continuously provide its customers with the modern technical solutions and the latest results of research, development and innovation in communications technology. Besides the design, installations and servicing of supplied systems provides consultancy services and engineering in various forms.

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